Killer Snake

Nearly 100.000 people are killed by snakebites every year. Serum produced from snake venom is needed to save these lives. Lack of serum costs lives and therefore travelling the world and finding dangerous snakes in order to obtain their precious venom is extremely important.

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A few easy steps to get you started

Step 1 – You start in North America and must work your way from continent to continent battling more and more dangerous snakes as you go along.


Step 2 – Search for a snake by dragging your finger. You are moving through the habitat along a circular path.


Step 3 – When you find a snake – move as close as you dare! When you provoke the snake, it gets agressive and produces more venom. But it strikes faster too!


Step 4 – When the snake attacks – quickly lift your finger from the screen to avoid its deadly bite. Don’t be a chicken! If you lift too soon, your Fear Factor will decrease and you score less points. Get bitten too often and you run out of serum – you die. Good luck!


How and who created the game

Game Concept

With Killer Snake we aim to create an engaging game with a high level of graphics that will stand out from many of the other cartoonish app games. We want to generate a scare effect for the users by means of realistic graphics and by playing on ones emotions towards snakes.

10% of the proceeds from Killer Snake are donated to The Antivenom Swazi Foundation in order to contribute to help solve the problem of fatalities from snake bites. The foundation is situated in Swaziland which has a particularly high number of snakebite victims and in turn has lack of funding and very low antivenom availability.

In the future we plan to further develop the game to hold even more countries and environments. Additionally new creatures will be introduced, those animals that are surrounded by scary stories that tend to evoke fear and phobias in people because of their sometimes deadly attributes.

We would however like to note that The Antivenom Swazi Foundation and Copenhagen Creators ApS strongly advise never to confront or provoke snakes in real life. Snakes should only be handled by professionals with proper training and equipment for manipulation.


  • Executive Producer – Leif Kvalvik
  • Project Manager – Niels K. Mortensen &
  • Lead Programmer – Kristian Mortensen
  • Game Programmer – Rune Rørdam Holm
  • Snake Models & Animation – Lars Bjerresgaard Krogh
  • Environment, Lighting & Graphic Design – Niels K. Mortensen & Tom Westermann
  • Sound & Music – Epic Sound
  • Marketing & User Testing – Sophie M. Jørgensen & Yuwathida Y. Pedersen
  • 3D Graphics Assistance – Oskar B Kyed & Peter Thomasen
  • Thanks to – Frederik Dannesøe

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